Moving Image



I shot some video on my phone while waiting for the group to arrive for filming our group SISE film and also used some footage of the squirrel that I suggested we film during the day. I had an idea to build a narrative using the bird flying through the film and its relationship with the sky and the trees. The short film works really well and I am very pleased with the result, spending a lot of time on the edit was definitely worthwhile. My favourite part is the pan through the bare branches of the trees that looks like they are all holding hands. The silhouettes of the branches against the sky look like veins and arteries branching out. Also to realise that the yellow flowers are actually the last yellow leaves on the trees was a surprise as you assume that they are growing out of the ground. To start with a plain blue sky and slowly adding to it was effective and the passing of time is shown with the shots of the church becoming darker.



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