The brief was to record a minutes worth of sound around the theme, “A sense of Place”. I was originally going to record sounds within my flat but decided they wouldn’t be interesting enough to hold attention, and I also wanted to achieve some sort of narrative., so I decided to get out and I record some sounds in the city centre – about 35 minutes worth using a Zoom H5 X/y axis recorded with a wind block. I imported back on the computer into Final Cut Express and edited a few weeks later. I had a good idea about starting the clip with the sound of opening a window and ending it with shutting the window. I decided to just split the clips up and merge them all together, the result I think works really well and its good that there is a definite start and finish to the clip – a little sound narrative.

There is a good mixture of sounds in there – people, birds, traffic that gives a good sense of everyday life outside the window. I think the clip could be useful for a sound library.


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